Friday, 18 April 2014

Night Fishing and Glow Sticks

When fishing at night you really need to be able to see, somehow. Glow sticks are great for this because they do not project their light far and they do not create a glare situation where you can't see in the dark. OK, so most people can't see in the dark anyway right? Yes, true to an extent, but the fact is you are able to see in the dark once your eyes acclimate to the darkness.
If you have a light, flashlight or other light source, chances are pretty good that you will be able to see all around you, but no further off into the night. If you simply place a light stick near, or on, the items in your area, you will define the area with some light, be able to see in your immediate area yet still see off into the distance because your eyes remain acclimated to the darkness.
A friend of mine hangs a glow stick off of his reel, and another very loosely hung on the tip top, or top guide on his pole. This lets him easily find the rod when he gets a hit and they both fall off as he picks up his rig. This really works great and is enough light to see if the line is stripping off your reel or not.
Our general area will have a glow stick on the cooler, at the bait station, and one on each rod. We like the fact that we can get our bearings all around us, and still we can see out into the dark. It's nice to know if someone, or something, is approaching or is within earshot.
We haven't tried using glow sticks on the bait. I understand that some fish respond well to this tactic. I guess illuminating the bait lets the fish find it. I don't know. It sounds crazy to me. I would think the glow would scare a fish away, more than attract but I suppose I will try it some day. My buddy says it's gotta work. He hasn't tried it either though.
For safety sake alone you need to try glow sticks if you do any amount of night fishing. Believe the fishing is great at night, and I really do believe we are safer with that little bit of glow that allows us to always know where we are and where not to step so we don't knock our bait, or beer, over.
Robert 'BK' Kelsey enjoys salt water night fishing on the sometimes peaceful Long Island Sound on the shores of CT. Glow sticks can be found at and are great for soft outdoor illumination no matter what season it is. Glow bracelets can be a great way to illuminate your reel while you are fighting a fish, or just reeling in to re-bait.

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