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Freshwater Fishing Lures - How To Choose Yours



Fresh water fishing baits and lures are specially made to produce almost instant fishing results. With so many different types, shapes and colors to choose from it is not difficult to get more than a little confused when trying to make a decision as to which ones to choose.
According to the sales hype found written about these products you may just as well close your eyes and buy the first baits your hand comes in contact with. Then according to the manufacturers you are guaranteed fishing results beyond your wildest dreams. However we all know it is never that easy.
Choosing Yours
To be successful you need a good selection of baits and lures in your fishing bag or tackle box when going fishing
Different lures and artificial baits are made because fishermen use such a large variety of angling techniques as well as tackle and equipment. To be successful at catching many fish you must also be able to adjust to the changing weather and water conditions as they unfold.
A good way to find out which lures work best in the area you find yourself is to speak to other local fishermen or the sales people at the local fishing store. Also go online and choose from the most reviewed baits at the bigger fishing outlets. As you become more experienced it will be time to make a more personal choice. Multiple packs of different baits maybe less expensive but I find do not really work because you usually end up using only a couple of them.
Feeling Lucky?
Why does it happen that although everyone is using similar tackle and lures only one angler gets more bites than the rest of us who can only look on with confusion and envy. I get told that luck has nothing to do with it, but I'm not all that sure. Not so long ago I was fishing with my friend at a favourite fishing spot and we were using identical tackle and bait. The bait was cast into the same fishing hole within a couple feet of each other and he ended up catching 7 beautiful snapper while I managed to hook only one small one that just made the allowable limit. For some reason or other he also had many more bites than me.
However a few weeks later when we again went fishing with the same gear and baits from our boat the roles were completely reversed and it was me that came home with a big bag of fish and my friend had absolutely no Luck?
So Many Choices
When fresh water fishing from a boat with a trolling motor or the shore you have a choice of hard bait plastic lures, soft bait plastic lures, spinner bait and jigs, swim baits, pan fish etc. It seems that there are some special lures available that when presented to the fish it gets them extremely excited and they cannot resist taking a bite, thus giving anglers great and consistent results. A mixed bag of bass, crappie, perch, pike, catfish and many more are often caught.
Your Last Chance
Before winter arrives and you pack away your fishing gear go and get some fancy looking lures and cast a line one more time, hopefully catching a big one. If you are successful then this memory will bring a smile on your face and help you to get through those long winter nights in front of a warm fire as you wait and plan for the next fishing season when it arrives.
Frank Rijkers has spent many years living the "Dream" by building his own sailing yacht (footloose) and cruising the oceans and fishing in salt and fresh water all over the world. His hope is to encourage all fishermen that fish using boats to add the spice of electric trolling motors to their fishing resume or those casting from the shore, to live their dream of getting the big one, He reviews products that will only enhance their fishing experience. Go to and see whats available to help you catch more fish when using a trolling motor.

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