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How to Prepare a Survival Kit for Backpacking


Expert Author Syed Faris Hussain
It is super exciting to explore the wilderness, but backpacking is not a walk in the park. Even if you are well prepared, you can still get lost or get into an accident. For such situations, you need to have a survival kit. Find out how to prepare a comprehensive kit which will help you in an emergency situation.
Water and Food
You have to ensure that you will be able to drink pure water if you get lost. That is why your backpacking survival kit must include a portable water filter or a bottle of iodine tincture for water purification. You should also get one sufficiently big zipper-lock plastic bag for carrying water in case you are not sure whether you will find another water source on your way. It is certainly a good idea to carry a small energy bar with you as well.
First Aid Items
There must be a small first aid kit in the bigger survival kit. It must contain sterile gauze pads and bandages plus one roll of gauze. It should include a product for disinfecting wounds, antibiotic ointment and aspirin. If you suffer from a specific medical condition which requires the regular intake of medications, you need to put spare medicines in the kit.
Staying Warm and Dry
The survival kit for backpacking must include a rugged blanket. It does not have to be bulky, however. It can be fairly thin, but it must be wide and warm enough. In addition to the blanket, you should also include two or three leaf bags made from heavy-duty plastic. These will do an excellent job in protecting you from the rain and from the cold as well. Generally, you should always carry a warm raincoat when you go backpacking even during mid summer. It is best if this clothing item is in a bright color such as orange or yellow so that you can get found more easily.
You must carry both a lighter and a small pack of matches with you for starting a fire. It is best if the lighter is in a bright color so that it is more difficult to lose. You should also carry a small knife which will help you with preparing the wood for the fire and with other things as well. You can also get dental floss for cutting things.
Getting Help
You must do everything to ensure that you will get found by rescue crews. That is why you must include a map. You need to get orange tape for marking your route and for showing your location to rescuers. Your backpacking survival kit should include a brightly colored cap and vest or poncho. Make sure that you will get a small mirror and a whistle for signaling. You must have torchlight with spare batteries and bulb. You can also get fire starters, but they have to be used with great caution.
Finally, you must place all of the backpacking survival kit items in a nylon bag and then in a backpack which is easy to carry. You should not use the items in the survival kit in situations other than emergencies.
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