Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Rock Fishing Dangerous?

Generally speaking, fishing is not considered a dangerous sport. It’s a common sport or leisure activity, be it angler fishing or deep sea. Fishing is associated with certain risks, although many are not aware of them.
Due to the number of deaths, rock fishing has caught a lot of public spotlight recently. It is a very common practice in Australia and New Zealand, with many drownings happening in Australia. To give you an idea, over 80 people in 2009 have drowned on the coast of Australia and 8+ of those have been from rock fishing. Rock fishing is for the purpose of finding better fish by angling from rocks in the ocean instead of from the beach.
It is the dangerous waves that sweep victims away. They can drown directly from the water or hit their heads against the rocks when the waves come, leaving them unconscious and unable to fend for themselves.
What can be done to decrease the number of fishing deaths?Statistics show that in 2009-2010, 12 of 94 drownings were related to rock fishing. Again in 2011, 10% of coastal drownings in Australia were from rock fishing. Once again in 2011, 10% of drownings were directly from rock fishing. These numbers are reported from the Australian Coastal Report. Nothing guarantees safety, although a discovery was noted. Dr. Matthews, who does life-saving and injury prevention research in Victoria, states that “In all cases they have not been wearing a life jacket.”
Campaigns have increased because of the deaths, with the number one precaution being to wear a fishing life jackets. It will allow others to see you and possibly get help before it’s too late.
Other tips to remember include:
1) Wear proper clothes. This includes a fishing life jacket and slip resistant footwear. Fishing wear can be found at an online fishing store.
2) Buckling up is great for safety if you are boating.
3) Always, always have someone with you. Make sure someone who did not accompany you knows your whereabouts.
4) Make sure your hooks only end up in fish They have harmed people in the past.
5) Learn the area first. Many that drowned were newcomers. A little time spent learning the area and the wave sets could possibly prevent such tragic accidents.
You’ve heard it. No one who drowned so far is on record as having worn a life jacket;It’s time rock fishermen start to wear them. Not wearing one is just not worth the risk.


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