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Pakej Memancing di Terengganu

Pakej Memancing yang ditawarkan:

Pakej 1: Muara Kuala Terengganu/Pulau Kapas.
  • 1 malam (bertolak jam 5.00pm - tiba 7.00am).
  • Maksima 10 orang.
  • Jarak perjalanan 2 hingga 4 jam dari Muara Kuala Terengganu.
  • Air batu disediakan.
  • Umpan disediakan.
  • Makan malam disediakan.
  • Kadar sewa: RM900.00.
  • *** 1 hari 1 malam (bertolak jam 5.00pm - tiba 5.00pm keesokannya) kadar sewa: RM1700.00 (diskaun RM100).

Pakej 2: Pelantar Minyak 1.
  • 4 hari 3 malam (bertolak: Sabtu jam 10.00am - tiba: Selasa 8.00am).
  • Maksima 10 orang.
  • Jarak perjalanan 10 jam.
  • Air batu disediakan.
  • Umpan disediakan.
  • Makan disediakan sepanjang perjalanan.
  • Kadar sewa: RM6000.00.

Pakej 3: Pelantar Minyak 2.
  • 5 hari 4 malam (bertolak: Sabtu jam 10.00am - tiba: Rabu 8:00am).
  • Maksima 10 orang.
  • Jarak perjalanan 18 jam.
  • Air batu disediakan.
  • Umpan disediakan.
  • Makan disediakan sepanjang perjalanan.
  • Kadar sewa: RM7500.00.

Pakej 4: Mencandat Sotong.
  • Lokasi sekitar muara Kuala Terengganu/Pulau Kapas.
  • Maksima 10 orang.
  • Air batu disediakan.
  • Makan malam disediakan.
  • Kadar sewa: RM900.00.

Bot mempunyai kemudahan seperti:
  • 10 katil.
  • Tandas.
  • Tempat letak joran (rod stand).
  • Jaket Keselamatan.
  • GPS.
  • Echo Sounder.
  • Wireless.
  • Alat pemadam api (fire fighting).
  • Bot kelas B.
  • 58 kaki panjang.
  • 15 kaki lebar.

Kepada yang berminat sila hubungi:

Hp: 013-9222737
Email: jompancing.trg@gmail.com

Where Do I Fish?

 I always make fishing plans ahead of time - but then I wonder if they're right!
Photo by Ron Brooks

On a day that looks to be absolutely perfect, I sometime have a hard time making up my mind up about where to fish. I plan my trip ahead of time, but deciding where becomes an issue sometimes.
The fish are moving up to the flats in the early morning at location “x”, but they are already there on the flats at location “y”. I fret and think. I check my logs. I look at the wind direction again. I think some more.
And last night it occurred to me – what a problem to have!! I’m on fish in two locations and fussing about which one to fish! I have to pinch myself! How many times in the past have I sat and tried to put a plan together when I was not on a lot of fish. I could fish here, but I did not find fish there two days ago. Or, I could fish there, but the reports I get from my fishing buddies tell me the fish are not there either.
So I make my decision and head out the next morning. I launch, meet my fishing party, and head out for a day of fishing.
First stop is a deep hole in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). We fish some live shrimp on jigs through this hole and come up with a couple of keeper redfish and two that were oversize at around 29 inches. And even though we are catching fish, my mind wanders to the other place – location “y”, that I had considered fishing. Would we have been catching fish there as well?
I move to my next stop, a creek mouth that had been holding some flounder. The same rigs and the same bait combination brought two keeper flounder to the box. The plan is working and I’m working my plan! And, still my mind wanders to location “y”.
I can’t stand it any longer – I have to know. So, while everyone is fishing and catching, I call one of my friends, George. I generally know where my fishing friends will be fishing on a given day and a given tide, and I figured a couple of them would be fishing somewhere around location “y”.
George has a party of newcomers to fishing in his boat; he tells me he has his hands full and does not want to talk. Imagine that! But he does tell me he is on fish – just not at my location “y”.
I continue to call people. I simply must know – I have to find out what would have happened had I chosen the other place to fish!
Three phone calls later I reach Tony, who is sitting right about where I would have been had I chosen to fish there instead of here! He tells me he’s on a few fish, but nothing outstanding. Finally an answer!
But, the answer he gave me did not satisfy me – it only made my mind reel (no pun intended) even more. “A few fish, but nothing outstanding” – that comment had me wondering.
I know Tony is a good fisherman, even a great fisherman. But like most of you, I think I’m better! So now I wonder – would I be catching more than him were I there? I did not ask what he was using for bait – that’s sort of a common courtesy for me. Maybe he was not fishing with the right bait!
I have friends who tell me I should not have ulcers and lose sleep - because I fish all the time! On the water; no worries; just relaxing with the fish! Oh, how I wish that were the case. But my nature is always to wonder – what would it be like if I had gone the other way! And that in no small part goes for everything in my life – not just fishing.


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Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya

Hari Raya Food – Resepi Rendang Ayam

My Favourite Food is Hari Raya Food – Resepi Rendang Ayam

Hi ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to Diyana Azman’s Class of Home Economics. Today’s lesson would be “How To Cook Malaysian Chicken Stew with Herbs and Spices” or as they call in South Carolina; “Rendang Pedas Ayam”.
The ingredients you need to make this stew are very difficult to find. If you live in Mongolia. But if you live in Kuala Lumpur; galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh turmeric, turmeric leaves, and lemon grass can always be found at any supermarket, night market or your neighbor’s garden. These herbs must be picked gently in order not to harm the plants and quietly in order not to alarm the neighbors.
Then you would also need onions, garlic, ginger and dried chili paste. Other essential ingredients are coconut milk, kerisek and of course the chicken. Another substitute for coconut milk is fresh milk, you can use either, it does not matter, the possibility of dying from blocked arteries will always be there. Cheers!
Now let us get down to business!
Blend the onions, ginger, galangal, fresh turmeric and garlic into fine paste. Slice lemon grass and turmeric leaves coarsely. Cut the chicken into serving size. No one has ever cook a whole bird rendang, if you would like to try don’t forget to camho!
Ingredients to make beef stew
First put the blended paste on medium fire without any cooking oil. Wait till the smell reaches your neighbor then add in the chili paste and chicken. Mix them well and then add in segala-galanya turmeric leaves, kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. Keep on stirring until then chicken is almost cooked before you add in the coconut milk. A few minutes later include the kerisek. Don’t forget salt and sugar but do forget Ajinomoto.
The rendang is ready to serve when the gravy has almost dried up. They taste like heaven eaten with lemang or ketupat. Serve hot or cold.
Ang don’t forget your neighbors! They have smelled whats cooking and for goodness sake you have taken the herbs from their garden!
Till we meet again, happy trying!
delicious rendang daging


Guide to buying a boat

By: Patrick Altoft

Buying a second-hand boat has its pitfalls. To help you protect your legal rights and be aware of some of the common issues Noble Marine have produced this guide to buying a boat.
Please note that we have only addressed the legal aspects of the subject and advise that you should also satisfy yourself that the boat is seaworthy before you consider buying.

Looking for a boat?
The Noble Marine boats for sale database has over 3000 boats for sale. Each boat has a desciption and photos of the boat so you can look around before you contact the seller.

Wondering what boat to buy?
In addition to this boat and dinghy buyers guide you may wish to make use of our dinghy database or interactive boat finder where you can compare statistics of over 300 classes and view suggestions on similar classes to the type you are interested in.

Unlike a car there isn't a legal registration document tracking the ownership, in fact unless you want to take your boat abroad, you are not required to register your boat at all and many people don't, so checking that the person selling the boat actually owns the boat and that there are no outstanding loans secured on the boat can be difficult.

Before you consider buying a boat you should visit www.stolenboats.org.uk to see if the boat for sale, or a similar one, has been reported stolen. If a boat is not listed on the site it doesn't mean that it is not stolen.
If you buy privately, you won't be protected legally if the craft has a hidden history or faults. It's up to you to ask the right questions and to satisfy yourself that the boat is in good condition before you buy.

Buying a used boat is essentially a case of 'Buyer Beware'. The onus is on you to make sure the craft is sound, it's a good idea to get an qualified marine surveyor or boat builder to give the craft a thorough inspection.

When viewing a boat you should satisfy yourself that the vendor is knowledgeable about the boat and has a legitimate reason for the sale. Ask yourself whether the price is similar to other boats on the market - if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. You should always arrange to view the boat at the seller's home address and never in a car park or other public location.

It is important to check whether the boat has been involved in any accidents or has any large repairs carried out. Most repairs will be guaranteed for 12 months so it is worth finding out the date of the repair and the repairers details in case of any future problems.

Once you are satisfied that the seller is genuine and have agreed an acceptable price you will need to arrange to make payment for the boat. This is usually carried out by bankers draft or a cash payment can be made. Occasionally the seller may be happy to accept another method of payment but you should be willing to use whichever method they suggest.

The only legal terms that cover a private sale contract are:

  • the seller must have the right to sell the craft
  • the craft should not be misrepresented
  • it should match its description
When the sale is complete you should always draw up a buyers contract so that each party can sign and keep a copy. This will act as your purchase receipt and will prove that you are the new owner of the boat.

Noble Marine have prepared a sample buyers contract for use in private boat sales. It is always important to keep the purchase receipt and the previous owners details - you may need to prove ownership or contact the previous seller in the future.

If the vessel was home built or if you are considering buying outside the EEA, you will also need to be aware of the Recreational Craft Directive requirements.

The VAT status of a second hand yacht is also important, as your vessel needs to have VAT paid status to be allowed free transit throughout the EU.

Useful Links:
Author Bio
Patrick Altoft is an insurance expert with Noble Marine - a specialist insurance broker providing boat insurance for most types of pleasure craft. Policies and claims are dealt with in-house, by knowledgeable staff, giving unequalled levels of service. 

Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com - Free Website Content

How To Plan An Enjoyable And Memorable Fishing Trip

By   |

Expert Author Joby Cefalu

Fishing trips can be a great adventure that can create life long memories. Fishing is very exhilarating and refreshing. Be it with the family or with friends, fishing is the best time to enjoy and bond with the loved ones. With some preparation and research, it can be ensured that the memories made are good ones. Before trekking off aimlessly in search of water, there are a few things to keep in mind.
The Budget:
When planning a fishing trip the first thing that needs to be sorted is, the budget. This is a key factor that will decide the entire trip. It is based on the budget that one will be able to choose which place to go to and what kind of fishing to indulge in. Once this is decided, choosing and planning the things to follow becomes easier.
The location selection depends on various factors. The time you want to spend on the trip and the activities that you would like to get involved in all has to be considered when deciding the destination. Next on the list is what species of fish is the target. Going to a destination that is rich in Barracuda when while targeting a Marlin, will end up in no fun.
Once what fish to target has been decided, destinations that are abundant in these species should be looked up. But if the objective of the trip is just the fun of fishing and there is no particular interest on any species, then choosing the destination becomes a little easier. After closing in on a destination, all the necessary details should be found out.
One should have a good knowledge about the weather of the chosen fishing destination. This will give an idea of what precautions should be taken when going to that place. It is important to know what kind of clothes and other accessories should be carried for the trip.
Fishing season:
Getting a clear picture of the fishing season the chosen location will always be handy as this will tell what species of fish are present in the waters at the time of the trip. This will also provide a clue of what type of fishing gear should be carried.
The Stay:
While planning to go fishing to a distant place, one has to find a place to camp when not in the ocean. After the fishing destination is decided, pondering on where to stay on reaching the destination is a must. Checking online or getting in touch with travel operators of that location can get a good picture of the best places to stay.
Once everything is sorted what is left is picking the right fishing gear, bait and appropriate clothes and accessories to have a great fishing trip.
Joby Cefalu owns a Fishing Charter Company and has years of experience in fishing. He not only designs these trips but also teaches fishing techniques.
For more information please visit - http://southlaketahoesanfranciscofishingtrips.askforspecial.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joby_Cefalu

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Air bawah tanah

Oleh Melati Mohd Ariff

Bersediakah kita menggunakan air bawah tanah bagi menghadapi kemungkinan berlakunya krisis air?
Krisis air yang melanda Selangor, Kuala Lumpur dan Putrajaya baru-baru ini mendorong ada pihak yang mencadangkan supaya kerajaan mengguna pakai air bawah tanah.
Bagaimanapun, bagi aktivis alam sekitar khususnya, air bawah tanah bukan alternatif terbaik untuk menangani krisis air.
Presiden, Persatuan Pengamatan Air Pulau Pinang, Prof. Dr. Chan Ngai Weng memberitahu, meskipun jika Malaysia mempunyai sumber air bawah tanah yang mencukupi, ia lebih elok disimpan untuk keperluan masa hadapan.
“Apa yang lebih penting, kita perlu mengambil tindakan yang tepat dalam melindungi serta memulihkan sungai yang membekalkan 97 peratus keperluan air kita.
Lagipun lebih murah untuk mengekstrak air dari permukaan berbanding air bawah tanah," jelasnya.
Presiden Persatuan Penyelidikan Air dan Tenaga Malaysia (AWER) S.Piarapakaran, juga memberi pandangan yang senada dengan menyatakan sebenarnya tiada kekurangan sumber air di Malaysia tetapi hanya ketidakupayaan menguruskan sumber air.
“Ini sebenarnya punca masalah krisis air di negara ini," tegas Piarapakaran.
Memang benar banyak negara bergantung kepada air bawah tanah untuk menyelesaikan kekurangan air di negara mereka.
Menurut Piarapakaran, kebanyakan negara berkenaan, bagaimanapun mempunyai sistem glasier yang mengisi air bawah tanah dengan berkesan. Paras air bawah tanah diisi semula menerusi proses aliran masuk.
Ini bermakna, kehilangan air bawah tanah diisi semula melalui air dari luar.
“Di Malaysia, aliran masuk secara langsung adalah melalui hujan. Dengan penebangan dan penggondolan hutan dara yang teruk, keupayaan untuk mengisi semula berkurangan secara mendadak," jelas beliau.
Piarapakaran, yang berkongsi beberapa impak negatif penggunaan air bawah tanah, merujuk kepada Jakarta dan Bangkok yang mengguna banyak air bawah tanah.
“Tanah tenggelam adalah mimpi ngeri untuk kedua-dua bandar besar itu," katanya.
Kebimbangan ini turut disuarakan Ngai Weng yang memberitahu, kegiatan mengekstrak air bawah tanah yang berleluasa boleh membahayakan bangunan serta struktur lain.
Piarapakaran yang juga seorang jurutera alam sekitar menegaskan bahawa mengekstrak air bawah tanah boleh menyebabkan pergerakan beberapa bahan kimia yang tinggal dorman di dalam air itu dan boleh menyebabkan pencemaran.
“Terdapat banyak kes seperti ini di seluruh dunia. Kita tidak boleh mengambil risiko ini kerana kita mungkin terlewat untuk menghalangnya daripada berlaku," kata Piarapakaran.
Satu lagi masalah yang dikaitkan dengan air bawah tanah ialah penurunan paras air.
Jika keadaan itu berlaku, mereka yang terlibat akan terpaksa menggali lebih dalam untuk mendapatkan bekalan air.
“Memandangkan isian semula air bawah tanah berkait langsung dengan hujan dan jumlah litupan hutan di Malaysia, projek berskala besar akan hanya memberi kesan alam sekitar yang teruk pada jangka masa panjang," katanya.
Piarapakaran turut menekankan paras air bawah tanah yang rendah pada musim panas akan memburukkan masalah jerebu dan kebakaran tanah gambut.
Ini, katanya, kerana kegiatan mengekstrak air bawah tanah di kawasan isian semula di hutan simpan akan meningkatkan risiko kebakaran hutan pada musim kering.
Piarapakaran turut mengaitkan krisis bekalan air dengan kesejahteraan alam sekitar termasuk ekosistem hutan.
Beliau mengambil contoh Bukit Larut di Taiping, Perak. Taiping adalah antara bandar paling banyak menerima hujan di Malaysia tetapi baru-baru ini turut dikenakan catuan air.
“Memang agak janggal keadaan ini. Ramai orang beranggapan memadai hanya menjaga kawasan tadahan air.
“Di dalam hutan semula jadi yang tidak terganggu, hutan itu sendiri mengawal iklim tempatan sehingga 90 peratus," katanya.
Bagaimanapun, apabila hutan digondolkan untuk memberi laluan kepada pembangunan, pembalakan dan aktiviti lain, fungsi itu akan berkurangan dengan drastik.
“Pada tahun 1962, seluas 2,747 hektar diwartakan sebagai Hutan Simpan Dara Bukit Larut," Piarapakaran memetik beberapa data yang diperoleh daripada Lembaga Air Perak (LAP).
Menurut beliau, sesetengah kawasan Bukit Larut yang diwartakan dibangunkan untuk tujuan pelancongan.
Di samping itu, terdapat sebuah kilang memproses air mineral di sebelah Empangan Air Kuning.
“Dalam beberapa tahun yang lepas, banyak kawasan di sekitar Bukit Larut dibangunkan dan kesannya dapat dilihat sekarang seperti perubahan aliran air yang menyebabkan tanah runtuh dan hakisan.
“Ini adalah antara sebab mengapa kawasan hutan dara yang digunakan sebagai kawasan tadahan air serta kawasan sekitarnya tidak boleh diusik.
“Aktiviti pembangunan kecil-kecilan pun boleh mengganggu aliran air semula jadi, merosakkan struktur dan fungsi asal kawasan tadahan air," jelas Piarapakaran.
- Bernama

3 Days Tasek Bera Fishing Retreat Holiday

Destination ~ Tasek Bera Wetlands Fishing -
Rafthouse, Fishing

3 Days Tasek Bera Fishing Retreat Holiday

Ref. No
Outbound From
Prices as Below per Person
Temerloh / Kerayong
Weekday Weekend / Holidays
375 102
Raft House
Mobile floating house suitable for fishing.
Can accommodate 5-7 anglers.
Not suitable for family.
Day 1
Tasek Bera Resort
Check in to Movable Raft House
Free & easy fishing
Day 2
Free & Easy Fishing
Day 3
Check out of Movable Raft house

*Accommodation Chalet at the Raft-house 

Minimum - 4 Persons
* Rate for group of 5 to 7 adults only, per person.
*Does not include meals
*Transfer: Kerayong –Tasek Bera Resort-Kerayong 
5-7 adults, add RM250
*Transfer: Temerloh-Tasek Bera-Temerloh 
5-7 adults, add RM 390

Which Rod and Reel Should I Buy

Experienced Anglers and Newcomers Alike Ask this Question Every Day

I receive a lot of email asking me for advice on which rod or which reel to buy. It seems that people are somewhat convinced that there is a perfect rod or perfect reel, and that someone out there knows the brand.
The fact is, there are numerous “perfect” rods and reels, and believe it or not price is not the determining factor.

The Keys

There are several keys to determining just which rod and reel you should use.
  • What fish are you pursuing?
    The size of the fish you pursue needs to determine the relative size of your tackle. You certainly would not fish for two pound fish with offshore trolling equipment.
  • What kind of water are you fishing?
    Can you make long casts? Is there a limited space for casting? Are you on the beach or pier? The answers to all these questions play a part in your decision.
  • Are you fishing from a party boat, the shore, the beach, or a pier?
    Each of these applications will use a different type of rod and reel.

The Tackle Choices

They are numerous, but they can be broken down into some basic groups.
  • Ultralight Spinning
    This kind of outfit is ideal for small fish in confined areas. Line from two to six pound test provides a unique fighting experience, and requires some angling skill. Successfully landing a fish on this tackle is something to brag about!
  • Light and Medium Spinning
    These are the staples of the spinning category. Line sizes can range from six to as much as seventeen pound test, and the bulk of inshore saltwater fish can be caught using this tackle. They are ideal from an inshore boat, a pier, or the shore, but not in the surf.
  • Heavy Spinning
    These are the big boys, and this is the tackle you will use in an offshore trolling scenario. These reels are also used in combination with surf rods for surf fishing. Line sizes are twenty pound test and above. Lines larger than thirty pound test are about the largest that can be efficiently used on a spinning outfit.
  • Bait Casting
    These outfits are conventional reels, sometimes equipped with a level wind mechanism. They are used for casting artificial lures and plugs mainly with inshore fishing. Line weights can range from twelve to as large as twenty pound test. Line weights lighter than twelve pound test tend to bury themselves in the spool, and are extremely difficult to clear in a backlash situation. Heavier lines are more difficult to cast long distances.
  • Bottom Fishing
    Here we have what most party boats and head boats use as their mainstay. A six and a half foot boat rod with a conventional reel and line from thirty to eighty pound test makes this an outfit that can take a beating and haul big fish off the bottom. These outfits are not designed for casting, rather straight drop to the bottom from a boat.
  • Trolling
    Here is where you can get into some serious discussions about price and size. Basically like Bottom fishing tackle – that is a rod and conventional reel - these outfits can sell fro well over $1000 each. They are very specialized, and I would not recommend you purchase one without some personal advice from a professional.

My Advice

  • On all these outfits you need to be cost conscious. A high price is no assurance that you have the best deal. I own rods that cost over $300 each and reels to match. I also have rods that work just as good for which I paid under $50.
  • Reels are a slightly different matter. Every reel you pick up and spin at the tackle shop will feel smooth and silky as it turns. The test is how will it perform over time. Cheaper reels – and I mean that both from a quality and price view point – will work well for a while. But, because they use brass or plastic shims as opposed to bearings, they wear and become sloppy over time. Reels that are expensive are generally built with better quality and will have five or more sets of ball bearings. These reels will perform well for a long period of time.
  • If you fish only occasionally, a cheaper reel may suit you. If you fish a lot, I would opt for a reel that has at least three or more ball bearings. Some are advertised to have as many as eleven bearings and their price reflects the higher number.

The Bottom Line

  • Determine how much fishing you plan to do.
  • Where are you planning on fishing.
  • What kind and size of fish are you pursuing.
  • Choose the outfit that most matches these questions and your wallet at the same time.

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Koleksi Jam Stylo

Buat membe2 sya...
Casio World Time Alarm Digital Watch (Original,Waranty 1 Tahun & Tahan air ) Jenis Tali :Besi / Nylon warna hijau atau hitam (macam kain)
• 1/100-second stopwatch • World map for World Time • 5 alarms • LED light • 100-meter water resistance 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE..InsyaAllah
-> Klik Link atau Gambar di bawah untuk Detail Produk
Harga Casio World Time tali Nylon (Hijau atau Hitam) : 1 utas :RM 120 Upah Pos :rm 10 Total termasuk pos :rm 130
Harga Casio World Time tali Besi : 1 utas :RM 150 Upah Pos :rm 10 Total termasuk pos :rm 160
untuk tempahan/pertanyaan, SMS/ Wassapp "Casio world time" ke 0174869485 Atau Komen No fon di bawah..nnt insyaAllah sya PM kan.
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Jam Limited / Rare untuk Hari Raya Aidilfitri ^^
Casio World Time Alarm Digital Watch (Original,Waranty 1 Tahun & Tahan air )
Jenis Tali :Besi / Nylon warna hij...au atau hitam (macam kain)

• 1/100-second stopwatch
• World map for World Time
• 5 alarms
• LED light
• 100-meter water resistance

Untuk Order :SMS/ Wassapp/wechat "Casio World Time" ke 0174869485 ^^
Other General Features :
Selectable illumination duration, afterglow
Multi Time (4 different cities)
31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, Home city/World time city swapping
1/100-second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99''
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
Countdown timer
Measuring unit: 1/10 second
Input range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second increments, 1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)
5 daily or one-time alarms
Hourly time signal
Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
12/24-hour format
Button operation tone on/off
Regular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day
Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month
No Series : ae1200whb-1av, ae-1200whb1bv& ae-1200whb-3bv
Approx. battery life: 10 years on CR2025
Size of case:45×42.1×12.5mm
LED: Amber
Warranty: One Year

Harga Casio World Time tali Nylon (Hijau atau Hitam) :
1 utas :RM 120
Upah Pos :rm 10
Total termasuk pos :rm 130

Harga Casio World Time tali Besi :
1 utas :RM 150
Upah Pos :rm 10
Total termasuk pos :rm 160

untuk tempahan/pertanyaan, SMS/ Wassapp "Casio world time" ke 0174869485
Atau Komen No fon di bawah..nnt insyaAllah sya PM kan.

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Best Fishing Kayak - Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 Angler Edition

Ocean Kayak's Prowler 15 Was Made With Fly Fishing In Mind

Best Fishing Kayak - Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 Angler Edition

It was one of the first kayaks made with fishing in mind, and years later it's still the best fly-fishing kayak on the water.
I searched everywhere for an all-around fishing kayak a couple years ago and the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15, Angler Edition, was one of the few sit-on-top ocean fishing kayaks I could find.
Sure, I could have gone the traditional route, and spent hundreds on fishing add-ons like rod holders and storage hatches, but I didn't feel comfortable taking a saw to my plastic kayak to install all of the fishing accessories on my own.
The best solution then, and now, is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15.
Additional Details About the Prowler 15
The Prowler 15 takes its name from the 15-foot length (mine is technically 15 feet, 4.5 inches). My particular model, which was about $1,000 out the door (excluding seats, paddles, etc.), is yellow and is 28.5 inches wide and weighs about 60 pounds without accessories.
The maximum weight capacity is listed at 400-450 pounds.
Other specs include: Rudder option, molded-in rear storage, self-bailing scupper holes, optional crotch hatch, deck storage (for tackle/fly box), large enclosed front hatch, molded foot and seat wells, cup holder and bungees.
Colors: The regular edition runs in blue, yellow, red, lime, aqua, tangerine, white, sky, sunrise and titanium, while the Angler Edition comes in yellow and green and includes brass eyes on most straps to prevent corrosion in saltwater along with rod holders.
Suggested add-ons include: Seat/backrest, paddle, PFD, paddle, rod clip/leash, helmet, marine radio, rudder system and ice chest/crate (for rear storage).
How the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 Paddles
The Prowler 15 is a bulkier kayak that isn't made for paddling rivers, but is a reliable open-water paddle that can handle sketchy surf launches and landings while cruising quietly across enclosed bays and lakes without much resistance. In fact, I used this exact model during a six-day, 98-mile, open-ocean kayak trip down the Central Coast of California in August 2007, and didn’t run into any problems. It handled 3- to 4-foot waves in the surf zone and was a nice safe paddle across the open ocean as well.
The Prowler 15 is stable, tours with the best of the current fishing models on the market, and has tons of storage - which is key for camping and fishing adventures.
Because this is a stable sit-on-top model, anglers don't have to worry about tipping over and losing tackle or their fish. In fact, in three years, I've never flipped my kayak in open water, only dumping over during my faulty attempts at kayak surfing and landing at beach breaks during a large swell.
Evaluating the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15
Likes: The stability, extra storage, fishing add-ons and all-around versatility. While the sit-on-top model isn't the best for stand-up fishing, it still allows the angler to sit on top of the action while casting from your seat or knees and is much less likely to tip than a sit-inside model.
Dislikes: The toggle handles on the front and back of the kayak don’t hold up to heavy use and may have to be replaced after a couple of years. During my most adventurous beach landing, in 5- to 6-foot surf, one of the rod holders popped out when I crashed to shore and had to be reinstalled -- but that was only a result of trying to land during a big swell.
While this might be considered an oversized model by some kayak experts, the Prowler 15 Angler Edition is a solid all-around option for saltwater anglers who fly fish along the flats, bays and open ocean. It's a safe, stable sit-on-top kayak that keeps the angler on top of the action at all times.
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