Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 Tips to Tweak Your Sounder or Fish Finder

Dial up target separation, dial down clutter.

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I’ve heard marine-electronics manufacturers and anglers delight that today’s sounders function on automatic incredibly well. Indeed, the units’ computerized brains certainly evaluate and adjust, given a host of algorithmic circumstances. Plus, manufacturers work extra hard to produce a user-friendly experience for all boaters — witness the emergence of Apple-type interfaces on multi‑touch screens.
But to get the most out of a sounder, whatever its brand or sophistication level, we asked manufacturers to offer some suggestions on tweaking the machines for better fish-finding performance — suggestions that focus more on the newer features these units tout. Click through all the images above to read their suggestions.
Remember, while these tips might help you make some immediate adjustments to your own sounder, there’s no substitute for time spent on the water watching the display. “My best tip is to practice,” says Alden Thornton, sales rep for Nor-Tech boats and a Garmin user. “When you capture a target (fish) and actually know what it is, the better you will become at understanding what the sounder is telling you.”


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