Monday, 8 September 2014

Shimano Symetre Spinning Reels

Product Summary

Shimano Symetre Spinning Reels

Shimano Symetre 1000
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  4 bearings for smooth operation
•  Full time anti-reverse
•  No wobble counter balance
Cons  •  Handle screw loosens easily
•  Bail return sometimes stiff
The Bottom Line - This is a mid-price range reel that really works as well its higher priced cousins.

Product Description
•  Super Stopper II one-way roller bearings eliminate backplay in the handle.
•  Dyna-Balance rotors eliminate wobble for enhanced sensitivity and smoothness.
•  Four stainless-steel bearings (3 ball, 1 roller) for ultra-smooth performance.

Guide Review
Heavy Use with No Problems I purchased four Symetres after fishing with another guide who used them almost exclusively.  They stood up to daily pressure, often by anglers who were not very proficient.  That was enough proof for me to give them a try.
I have eight pound test on two 2000 reels and four pound test on two 1000 reels.  I’m often torn between which reel to use.  These reels are built to stand up to abuse, yet lightweight enough to be very comfortable.
The full time anti-reverse feature allows solid hook sets with no backspin on the handle.  The handle is reversible for left or right hand retrieve, but because the locking nut loosens easily, must be tightened several times a trip.
All reels are wonderfully smooth when they are new.  Because the Symetre has ball bearings, it will remain smooth for years to come, while cheaper brass shim reels get sloppy.
I like this reel.  It’s a great middle-of-the-road work horse.     Source

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