Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Seri Bayu Tekala Semenyih

This is an under renovation fishing paypond in Semenyih. Sungai Tekala is one of the closer and cleaner waterfalls towards the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is some fish left here. However the state of the lake does leave a question mark on the size of the fish. This is not an abandoned pond folks so please do not visit here and fish without permission. Good to inquire with any of the fish pond personnel that are around if you wish to find out more.


Folks, we are looking at a fishing pond the size of a football field. However the water in the pond is half drained. Fairly deep we are looking at approximately twelve feet being its deepest. No sign of troublesome debris though at the bottom so the pond must have had snag free fishing.


The place is quiet and serene. A wonderful place to be for the senses. However since its closed there wont be any fishing here in this pond for awhile. The huts around the lake were still in good condition.

This lake must have housed a number of Tilapias. One give away would be all the crevasses beneath the surface of the water. There must have been alot of those. Packed to the brim. Good to assume that there were other coarse fish in the lake too.

Before this place shut down for renovation you could actually tell it did fairly well or some amount of money was invested in it. There is what is left of a restaurant here and also the payment counter all nicely built. Perhaps waiting for renovation to complete the owners seek to refreshen the place.

A good place we would like to visit if it ever re-opens again. To be honest even if it doesnt we would still visit again.


Welcome to Malaysia. Fishing here is great and the fish are awesome.
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