Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ikan Patin Pahang River


"Welcome to the Castle, Bandar Ikan Patin". These are the banners that appear when you enter Castle Town from either Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Mentakab, Triang and Jerantut.

Description Municipal Council Atjeh introduce brand (branding) catfish have shown a success. Catfish and Castle, has become a synonym for the drivers in the road near the Castle. Patin Castle has become a reference entire Malaysia.

There are two types of catfish that are searchable in the Castle-looking. Wild river catfish and catfish cage. Wild catfish have been cooked can achieve price RM40 a piece. So anyone who want to try the catfish tempoyak Castle, restaurant owners be asked first is what the catfish. Wrong-wrong slipped budget. If the family 6 people, not to eat once RM240 ... suffer!

Shark cage is not less oneself. Fish a piece (2 inches wide) that have been cooked are usually priced RM4.90. For anyone who has tried catfish cages, guarantee not to eat catfish ponds.

What is the difference catfish catfish ponds and cages ... may not know many people including distinguishing Castle. Catfish is a catfish that cages be defended in cages in Sungai Pahang. While catfish swimming in the pond that reproduce dug either in the former farmers and others.

Catfish cages priced at RM12 per kg, while in catfish ponds usually RM3.90 to RM4.90. In terms of physical, catfish cage has a lean and thin stomach than the fat merening catfish ponds. Catfish cages less fat in their bellies and it is more active. This is because they are forced to fight with the river current speed. While many catfish swimming pool water because fat does not move, so it is less active and work their eating and sleeping only ..

Fat catfish cage while white fat yellow catfish ponds. For those who have been cooked, catfish ponds because they felt the land wallow in the pond. Catfish cages or invoice does not feel the land because the fish cages are not reaching the river policy.
In pasar2 Castle and Mentakab, catfish cage usually sold hidup2. While catfish ponds that have a low vitality is usually sold already dead and split their bellies.

During the Pahang River we can see berderet2 population cages built with subsidies from the seed and cages Department of Agriculture. It is estimated that over 700 people actively working on this industry. Heard Tengku Mahkota Pahang also have cages built on the basis of their own hobbies.

Patin burdens fairly soft, like fill groupers. Tempoyak most delicious in cooking. Can also be made fat chili rice, grilled cicah sour, sour, spicy and Goring.
For those who want to buy a super fresh catfish, let along starting from Triang Pahang River until to Jerantut. So many sangkar2 selling fish from morning to ptang. Around Town Castle, we can buy in the river not far from Hotel Seri Malaysia (in the 500 meters only), via the village to village Stork.
If anyone who has tried catfish Castle, sure do not want another catfish ponds that are sold in malls or night ... that catfish penangan Castle. If you do not believe, ask lah Kida Lan, Lan Kentei or Raman Buffalo! 


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