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Opportunity to make SA marine parks a little fairer


Don’t let recreational anglers go unheard and get walked all over.
Time to Start fighting back!
We Fish and We have had enough...
We Want Recognition, Consultation, and a fair go...

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We need all anglers to sign and share this petition and all angling groups, fishing media, fishing personalities, the tackle industry and anyone that has anything to do with fishing to not only promote this petition but plead with its followers/ fans/viewers/customers to sign it and share it. So far the support from the few I have spoken to has been amazing.

We as anglers need to stick together now more than ever, the vote on this private members bill will have affect us all even never plan on going to SA for a fish, just last week the VNPA (Victorian National Parks Association) has once again raised it head to advocate the expansion of Victorian marine parks, after 4 years of hiding, since its 2010 joke of a desk top study that looked like it was written by a 7 year old shame, and according to the article it appears they have got a commitment from the Victorian Labor government.
Labor has committed to “the creation and protection of a world-class system of national and marine parks”.

Some back ground information on SA
State Liberal Environment spokeswoman Michelle Lensink, has introduced a Private members bill into the SA parliament that will effectively allow fishing to continue in 12 of the 84 marine parks to come into effect on the 1st October this year, by changing the zones from sanctuaries to habitat protection.

The Private members bill

This bill has already been passed in the State parliament’s upper house and now needs to be passed in the Lower House on the 16th September.  But it will need the support from the two independents Geoff Brock and Martin Hamilton-Smith who hold the balance of power if it is to get up.

Make no mistake about this, with NSW allowing land based fishing to continue in marine sanctuaries, the federal government rewriting the management plans for the commonwealth marine parks (it’s the management plans that prevent fishing). The tide has begun to turn on PEWS dirty little plan and they know it!
They have sent their big gun Paul Sheridan to try and get their desired outcome. Some of you remember Paul Sheridan from a previous blog update.

This time PEW has enlisted the support from a few dive shop owners in SA, to spruik its propaganda this is the Facebook page they have set up.

This group has been relentless on removing any post and banning anyone that doesn’t share its propaganda message; legitimate concerns about our marine environment have been removed if it doesn’t suit their propaganda machine. This group isn’t concerned with the health of our marine environment one bit, but totally focused on continuing PEWS unwarranted attack on fishing in Australia. Below are just a few screen shots of posts that have been removed.

The hypocrisy of this attack is second to none, while it is advocating the banning of fishing in marine parks, PEW and its puppets the Save SA marine parks group completely fail to even acknowledge other threats, a clear example is shark feeding tourism, which is now globally recognised by experts to not only negatively change shark behaviour but also modify they bio diversity of the area. The SA government has even named Rodney Fox the shark dive operator as their SA marine park ambassador, what a joke! Of course the last thing PEW wants to do is attack a small minority who blindly support them even if their actions threaten the very area they say we need to protect! 
Here is a link to a recent SA study that lightly touched on the shark feeding issue, there are plenty more available just Google it.


The CAR model of marine parks that PEW has been pushing requires a precautionary approach, where you regulate any activity even if the evidence is inconclusive!

So here we have a group advocating the banning of fishing in areas that are currently in pristine condition. Now there might be a case to have some sort of regulation to fishing in areas that are in very bad condition, but banning fishing in our well managed fisheries has very little to no benefit, there is nothing that we cannot do better and more efficiently with our current fisheries management, that using marine parks that are a very blunt tool, that do little more than banning anglers form these areas, simple MARINE PARKS ARE NOT A FISHERIES MANAGEMENT TOOL!

As I write this the PEW and 4 dive shop owners petition opposing the Liberal Environment spokeswoman bill has just under 3000 signatures, lets show them just how much of a minority they are, and what recreational fisherman can achieve when we are pushed!

Please don’t just sign and share the link to our petition, but promote the hell out of it, ask everyone you know to sign it and promote it as well. The sleeping giant has awoken and he is pissed! 

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