Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tembus - Movie 2014

Filem Wayang Movie July 2014 Tembus
Hari Syah (AARON AZIZ) and Nurizza (NUR FAZURA) are a married couple living in urban Kuala Lumpur. On the surface, they are an item and in their careers, unshakable by any outside forces… but unknown to everyone, there lies an emptiness in their relationship that is only filled by their 6-year-old child, Nurzara. Conflicts arise when their daughter is kidnapped, thrusting the couple to confront their issues and secrets head on. Can they save her and keep their family together psychologically and physically? Directed by AHMAD IDHAM AHMAD NADZRI; also starring MIA SARA, KHIR RAHMAN, EIZLAN YUSOF and LUNA MAYA.
Filem ini berkisar tentang sepasang suami isteri yang berkerjaya dan berjaya dalam hidup mereka. Namun segala-galanya berubah dalam sekelip mata apabila anak tunggal mereka hilang secara tiba-tiba. Sepanjang pencarian anak tunggal mereka, semakin banyak kebenaran yang telah terbongkar.

Release Date: 28 Jul 2014 ( 1 Syawal @ Pagi Hari Raya Aidilfitri)
Language: Malay
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 90 minutes
Director: Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri
Cast: Aaron Aziz,Nur Fazura,Luna Maya,Khir Rahman,Mia Sara,Eizlan Yusuf


Tembus Official Trailer ->

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