Friday, 22 August 2014

How to Throw a Cast Net the Easy Way

By Mamta Mule
Tired of searching web pages for learning methods of throwing cast net in an easy way? Get your fishing gear and be ready to cast the net and have fun fishing with these easy instructions.
Cast net is a type of fishing net. This is one of the most important fishing gears for any fishing enthusiast. There are various ways of casting this net into water. Once you learn to throw the net in an easy and comfortable manner, you can experiment with different techniques to become a master in this task. To start with, you can opt for a net of about 5 foot radius, which is 10 foot in width.

Throwing Instructions

Step 1
Take a connecting rope and put your right hand through it by making a loop. Now coil it into loops into the palm of your right hand. Start from the loop and work towards the net.

Step 2
While you go on coiling, you will reach the net. Hold the net in your left hand. The bottom or lead line must touch the ground. Now let the net rest in your right hand on top of the rope which you coiled in step 1 of cast net throwing instructions. Your right hand is at your waist level and a few inches of net is sticking out of the top of your right hand.

Step 3
Here's the important part of how to throw a cast net. With your left hand pick the net and hold one of the lead weights. Bring it to your right hand in which you are holding the coiled rope and net. While you pick the weight, pick one which is in line with (or below) the thumb of your right hand. Now you have to hold this lead weight between the tip of your thumb and index finger of your right hand.

Step 4
Now pick one more weight with your left hand. This time pick the one which is about an arms length from the one in your right hand. You must hold this one in your left hand, similarly between the tip of your thumb and index finger.

Step 5
Stand facing the water and place your feet shoulder width apart. Basically be comfortable and enjoy fishing for the best output. Holding the rope, net and weight in the same way and at the same level, just rotate your upper body to the right side so that you are facing the right side now. Proceed to the main step of how to throw a cast net the easy way - by throwing the net!

Step 6
Be relaxed. Now, in one go, rotate your body from right to left, facing the water. While you rotate, swing your arms as well, take them to upper level and move them freely outwards releasing the rope, net and weight from your right hand followed by the weight in left hand immediately. Yes, that's it. Your cast net is now lying wide open in the water, that's not the end. Let the net sink. Once it sinks to the depth you want it to, just pull the cord which will close it. Either pull it out of the water or pull up the plastic piece if you want to open it again.

You might be wondering as to how long does it take to master the cast net throwing techniques. Let me tell you that learning how to throw a cast net and then practicing it for about an hour is enough to get the best results. You can further learn some more fishing tips and tricks with time. Before you start, just make sure the cast net is in good condition. All the best!

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