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A Canoe you can build yourself

A Canoe you can build yourself

A canoe can be built in many ways but the one mentioned here is by far the simplest for 
at least two reasons: The canoe has only one rib and it is not necessary to make any 
bendings by means of steam. The middle rib, stems and foresheets are made of 22 mm 
waterproof plywood. The railing, inner keel and thwarts are made of pinewood and the 
planking is made of 4 mm waterproof plywood. The canoe that can be built at a relatively 
low price (800 dkk in 2001) is a fast, steady craft, ideal for 2 persons and well suited for 
minor trips as well as long camping tours on rivers and lakes. The canoe is so light that 
a single person can place it on the roof of a car.
Personally I have had much pleasure from this type of canoe and during the years I have 
witnessed a lot of launchings together with pupils with sloyd as an optional subject and 
students at The Danish Teacher Training Centre for sloyd, Craft, and Technology. 
In this connection perhaps I shall also mention that I have experienced that more ambitious 
projects have capsized even with experienced sloyd teachers at the steering wheel. 
It has been constructions of a traditional form. The above construction has not caused 
trouble up till now but I should like to hear about such troubles.


As an experiment the whole canoe here was tightened with string – it appeared to be a very good idea. 
Because of a marked lack of clamps this little aid was ”invented "


Aid to be used when fastening the sheets along the rail. Material e.g. 10 mm plywood.
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