Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Everything Fishing Book

The Everything Fishing Book - A Review

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The Everything Fishing Book
The Everything Fishing Book
Ronnie Garrison

The Bottom Line

About's Freshwater Fishing Guide Ronnie Garrison has a new book out that literally covers everything fishing. A great resource for every angler.


  • Excellent for the beginner
  • Covers literally everything you need to start
  • Great illustrations help show you how


  • Can't find one!


  • "Essential" notations let you know what is important
  • Glossary of terms helps the new angler learn faster
  • Excellent knot tying illustrations - to help the beginner and pro alike.

Guide Review - The Everything Fishing Book - A Review

I received an autographed copy of this book recently. This review is as unbiased as it can be, but the book really is a complete reference for every angler. From boat and motors to cleaning and recipes, the book covers it all. But it covers it in such a way that the beginning angler can use it as a ready reference. I like the "Essential" highlights. They draw your attention to important information. The questions Ronnie answers are ones that beginners would normally ask, and Ronnie answers them all very well. This is not a book written by a writer that fished occasionally. It is written by a true fisherman who also happens to be an award winning writer. Take this book with you. Even the experienced angler can learn something here!

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