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Thailand Ko Nang Yuan - Tropical Island | Divers & Snorkelers Paradise

Train ride by River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Train ride by River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

"A train ride across 'Death Railway'. This is the legacy stretch of wooden track that hugs the cliff and run alongside the famous River Kwai. Built on the backs of WWII prisoners (POWs) during Japanese occupation in Thailand, today it is a serene ride through the beautiful countryside of Kanchanaburi."

If I were given a choice to pick one word to describe Thailand, I would say it is 'amazing'. No other word could elaborate better for this kingdom as one can find almost everything under the sun in Thailand. Be it a thick tropical jungle, pristine beaches, deep blue sea, scuba diving, heritage, ancient temples, cultural, fine crafts/arts, shopping, entertainment, vibrant nightlife or exotic food, Thailand has it all. An interesting fact, Thailand or formerly known as Siam is the only country in South East Asia that is never colonized by any European force.

Despite the heavy influx of tourists each year, Thailand retains its Thainess charm and the people being one of their strengths in tourism services are never short of smiles. Thailand is a country where one always finds many reasons to go back and again!


Many of us perhaps can guess where is Ko Samui - the island in the Gulf of Thailand, that lies approximately 700 km south of Bangkok, Thailand. Better known as Samui, the tropical island invites thousands and possibly millions of visitors each year.
The wooden pier greeted us as we arrived at Ko Nang YuanThe wooden pier greeted us as we arrived at Ko Nang Yuan

Ticketing booth near the pierTicketing booth near the pier

For anyone who is on vacation in Ko Samui, the name Ko Nang Yuan is commonly seen or promoted by local tour operator to day trippers. Located at northwest of Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Nang Yuan can only be reached by boats. Opting for a speed boat from Ko Samui, the journey would take about two hours. Alternatively, one may board a long boat from Ko Tao which the trip is way cheaper and shorter.
Island retreatIsland retreat

Growing up on an island myself, I would say Ko Nang Yuan is unique and worth to see. One of its kind in term of landscape or scenery. Despite of being relatively small, Ko Nang Yuan is a popular venue among divers and snorkelers. Land size does not matter, what it offers best is the underwater paradise. Claimed as one of top island destinations in Thailand, Ko Nang Yuan consists of three small islands namely North Island, Middle Island and South Island. Interestingly, all these three isles are connected by a fork-shaped stretch of pristine beach. Bare-footing on the white sandy beach, take a stroll, be amazed to see and smell salt water on both ends (right & left or east & west). Awesome.
Fascinating surroundFascinating surround

Your trip to Ko Nang Yuan would not be complete if you did not capture the picturesque Ko Nang Yuan from the peak of South Island. When we received the entrance ticket, the superb view of Ko Nang Yuan was printed on it.
Wooden logde on Ko Nang YuanWooden logde on Ko Nang Yuan

Ready with your gears? Swimming, snorkeling or divingReady with your gears? Swimming, snorkeling or diving

"By hook or by crook, we are going to take the same shot" said my new friends from same boat. The advantage of mixing with the locals was we quickly found some clues to get to the trailhead. After a short exploration on South Island, we ascended some wooden planks beside the lodge. After about 15 minutes of hike, we finally reached the view point. It was merely a small area to stand. In fact, the boulder could accommodate only maximum 2 people at any one time. If you wish to take the vista or aerial view of the three isles, this is the spot to be. Get on the boulder but watch out for safety. At that moment right on the top of hill, I wished the clock could just stopped ticking. Indeed spectacular!
Never leave Ko Nang Yuan without seeing this impressive vistaNever leave Ko Nang Yuan without seeing this impressive vista

Gulf of Thailand - dramatic skylineGulf of Thailand - dramatic skyline

Occupies by day trippersOccupies by day trippers

Beautiful beachesBeautiful beaches

Aerial view of Middle Island & pier of Ko Nang YuanAerial view of Middle Island & pier of Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Nang Yuan - A sight to behold!Ko Nang Yuan - A sight to behold!


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