Friday, 24 April 2015

Using Waypoints On Your Next Fishing Trip

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If you have a GPS device, then you already know the many advantages of this technology. If fishing is your hobby or if you know someone who is an avid fishermen, why not get them a GPS handheld unit as a holiday gift? They will find this device easy to use and a great way to track hot spots and map out new ones.

While there are many types of GPS units out there on the market today, you should look for one that will give you depth measurements and basic coordinates. This will be helpful when you are fishing before daybreak in unfamiliar waters. Other options such as a color screen, detailed maps, and database of restaurants, motels, and hospitals are also very useful. Depending on the types of fish you are looking for, knowing the depth of different parts of the lake will help you find more fish. For example, some types of trout like to hide at the bottom of the lake.

GPS technology can also be used when fishing in waters that contain old ships, building foundations, fallen trees, and other large objects. By writing down coordinates and water depth, you will have able to fish along the edges of these objects and not have to worry about getting your lure caught. There is nothing worse than trying to get your line free from a tree branch or root when it is under the water.

You will also be able to monitor the movement of fish that are lurking underneath the water. This will help you find hot spots every time. You will be able to distinguish movement in order to determine if a fish is present or if it is a log or tree branch.

Before you begin your fishing excursion, you should enter in the coordinates where you place your boat in the water as your first waypoint. Not only will this give a point of reference for future trips, it will also help you in case there is fog or a sudden rainstorm and you cannot find your way back to shore. Waypoints can also be used for hot spots that you find during the day. Going back to these spots will probably yield you more fish.

Most GPS units can hold up to one thousand way points. This means that you can take several fishing trips in different areas and not have to erase your collected data. Some fishermen will keep a log of their coordinates and the places they have fished so that they can refer to it easily on their next trip. Log your coordinates the next time you go on a fishing trip. You will be amazed by the number of fish you will catch.

Some people will map out these coordinates and use them each time they fish. You can do this or you can make a list of coordinates you have visited already so that you can find other hot spots and not repeat the same ones. With a GPS tracking device, you will not become a better fisherman, but you will have more control over your surroundings in terms of finding those places where fish like to hide.


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