Wednesday, 14 May 2014

7 Reasons Why Deep Sea Fishing Is A Great Adventure Sport


Expert Author Finn Menzies

Being on a boat with no land in sight, feeling the breeze and salt water spray on your face. Does this sound peaceful or exciting? How about if we had a 15 kg thrashing monster at the end of the fishing line attached to your fishing rod? Do you need more reasons to get convinced that deep sea fishing is a great adventure sport? Here are some more.
1. It's a chance to get out to the open seas. A chance to explore what the deep waters can give you as an adventure. The wind, the waves, the view. Deep sea fishing is your weekend ticket away from the bustling metropolis where the only chance to a relaxing ocean view is when the beaches are closed or on the pages of a travel magazine.
2. The Learning. Learning a new skill is an adventure as you get to discover the tricks of the trade when it comes to deep sea fishing. You thought you knew everything about fishing until you met your skipper. Learn how to lure, reel and haul a mammoth catch. Get to know the equipment that you thought you were familiar with. New skills, new gear for a new adventure.
3. Get to meet underwater creatures that you only enjoy watching on television. Dolphins, sharks, manatees, and sea turtles all give you a spectacular scene as you charter deeper waters in which they live.
4. The Challenge. Deep sea is a very challenging sport. Luring and hooking your first catch is only half of the adventure. When deep sea fishing, you battle with your fish. Keep in mind that you are in the open sea with depths of over 30 ft. Fish in these areas are strong swimmers, something that they use to elude predators, bigger fish and yes, fishermen. A deep sea fishing battle is like a duel, a display of strength and endurance, man over fish or fish over man? In this part of your adventure you'll utilize the reeling skills that you've learned, with expert coaching from your skipper as your captain whom also assists by steering the boat slightly to give you a better vantage of bringing it in rather than breaking your line. To fishing aficionados, a fish battle is termed as the "dance".
5. The element of surprise. Deep sea fishing has a lot of surprises in store for you, and even seasoned fishermen are not spared from it. Now, it's most unlikely that your boat will be chomped in half by the descendant of Megalodon (an extinct megatoothed shark), and you suddenly become fish food. Not that kind of surprise. The unexpected of all unexpected will be that time when you get to face the biter at the end of your line, the one that you have been patiently and fervently hanging on to for the past 45 minutes. Once the fish is hauled out of the water, it is amazing to see a fisherman's face (even seasoned ones) flurry though a succession of emotions as they view their catch. Now match the element of surprise with a handful of luck, you may even catch fish of unimaginable size, shape, color and most of all species. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.
6. Deep sea fishing is a great way to re discover yourself. Be amazed at your accomplishments and stand in awe of what you can do. Deep sea fishing is an activity that breaks self imposed barriers that are often accompanied by words such as can't, won't and never, replacing them with can, success and, "that was fantastic! When do I sign up for the next weekend?"
7. Deep sea fishing is a sport where you create your own memories every time you get your line wet. There is never a fishing trip where you get the same results. Every trip is different from the previous which gives this sport its thousands and thousands of enthusiasts.
Land adventure sports are easily accessible and have their own thrill. But we have seen once too many of climbing, jumping, riding, and falling to even put a dent on the adrenaline meter. It's time to go where not all men have gone to, where only a select breed of adventurers find their adrenaline fix in the open seas.

Hi I'm Finn Menzies and have recently gotten back from the most amazing fishing charter I've ever been on. Fishing has always been part of my families life style as we grew up near the coast, and over the years its been the main stay activity amongst my friends. I've organised many a fishing trip, for game fishing and deep sea fishing, it doesn't seem to matter what we're doing, if the line is wet, we're all happy. If you're like me and have grown up with fishing, or even if you have never tried it, I highly recommend a fishing trip to bring you and your family and friends together.

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