Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ugly Stik Rods - They Have What It Takes

The fact is simple math. You want the best bang for your buck in a fishing rod and Ugly Stik Rods are exactly that. Of all the tackle I have used over the years fishing here in Florida, the best for the money are Ugly Stik Rods made by Shakespeare. Fully customized or right off the shelf, they are impossible to beat when compared to the high priced imitations that cost much more. Saying that, most are really just copies of the original graphite rod developed by Shakespeare known as the Ugly Stick Rod which set a new standard in the late 1970's when it was first invented.
Anyway, power beyond compare, I have never seen one break! The graphite design was the epitome of construction techniques at that time setting a new standard for strength and durability never known before this new technology. I have hauled in gators with Ugly Stick Rods with 10 to 12 lb. line. With the superior power and flexibility, I could retrieve my lure and not waste line. Line is not cheap as you probably know! Also, you don't want it out there in the environment because it is wicked in the way it kills. Always try and get as much bad line back as possible.
A buddy of mine has been fishing 45 years in the swamps with these rods. The point being that Ugly Stik Rods have what it takes! Now, I'll tell you my favorite but this is just me and your needs would be different of course depending on what fish species you're targeting and what action may be needed to haul the big one in with your Ugly Stik Rod. Lately, I've been using Ultra Light Rods and Medium Action Rods. What I like to do is set out the Medium Action Rods using stink baits or domestic shiners for catfish and maybe even an errant bass. Here is an example of where I have fun. "Oh he's lazy," my friend's snicker behind my back and they don't think I here them as I smile to myself and out comes the Ugly Stik Ultra Light rod with 2 to 4 lb. test line. Now, I get the Beetle Spin tied on and I'm ready to go! Usually in the first cast I will get the strike! Then, every one acts like their minding their own business. Get the picture?
The Ugly Stik Ultra Light Rods are an excellent choice when strength, light weight, sensitivity, and comfort are concerned. You will not even know your holding it because it is so lightweight. I must say that all of these rods offer the same characteristics no matter what weight range you prefer or what fish species you are fishing for. The Ugly Stik Rods are all I use here in Central Florida where I mostly fish the world famous Stick Marsh and the Indian River Lagoon. Peace be with you and now go catch some fish!
Aaron Stevenson is an owner of many Ugly Stik Rods and maintains a website about all the rods the Shakespeare Ugly Stik has to offer.

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