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Cheap Deals in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur being a shoppers’ paradise many  tourists prefer budget lodging options so as to make the most of the wonderful  shopping options available. And mind you, a trip to Malaysia is not all about  spending time in Kuala Lumpur. There are various attractive locations outside  Kuala Lumpur which can be affordable even for those with a very tight budget.  And even though the lodging options come at different rates the quality offered  is always of a very high standard. And you can be assured that, though the  accommodation is cheap, it is in no way associated with poor quality or service.  Generally rooms are of sufficient size, air-conditioned and with appropriate  furnishings of good quality products.

For the best deals look out for places close  to public transport. A great bargain close to the bus or train station has its  added benefits. And if you are traveling on business, the key commercial areas  boast a few very good cheap lodging options too. So depending on your  requirements make sure the budget hotel is located strategically to ensure quick  access to the wonderful sights, shopping areas, business facilities and  eateries, to make the best of the bargain deal.

Try planning ahead to grab the best  bargains. And also if you are focused you can find accommodation close to your  main interest, be it shopping or business. In Kuala Lumpur if your main interest  is shopping and exploring all shopping malls, the best option would be to look  out for lodging in the main shopping area Bukit Bingtang. This way you can also  benefit from the numerous wayside eateries serving delectable Malaysian cuisine.

Head out to Jalan Alor in the evenings for  the best Malaysian food experience. Famous for the range of food options  available the road is patronized by locals as well as tourists. Also known as  ‘Jalan Kejora’, but popularly known as Jalan Alor, the street is in Bukit  Bingtan area. Many restaurants and stalls line the wide street serving a feast  of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and other far-eastern foods. Though relatively  dead during the day time the street lights up at night to offer gastronomical  delights.

Generally of very high standard, hotels in  Kuala Lumpur take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction.  Hospitality, warmth and culinary delights are the strong points of the unique  culture in Malaysia. And to enjoy this world renowned luxury you need not spend  on five star accommodations. At a great budget hotel, conveniently located close  to all the hot spots in Kuala Lumpur, you will have the benefit of the Malaysian  luxuries at a much lower cost.

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Cheap Deals in Kuala Lumpur

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