Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fishing Tips For Absolute Beginners


Many people mistakenly think that it is very easy to learn fishing. They think that all they have to do is throw the fishing rod over the water and wait to catch some fish. However, when they start out they quickly realize fishing is definitely not an easy thing to master. It can be quite tricky and there are several things to learn. It takes time, patience, practice and dedication if you want to become an expert at this.
Do not get discouraged though. You can improve your technique if you show little interest. Below are some tips which can be very helpful for beginners, shortening their learning curve.
1. Many beginners make the mistake of purchasing the wrong equipment when they are starting out. They try to purchase the most advanced equipment which they can find. But in most cases, such equipment is not at all meant for beginners. Remember this - better equipment will not make you a better angler. In fact, it can make things more difficult when you are just starting out. You would be better off purchasing beginner's equipment, which is easier to use and can help you focus more on the basics of fishing.
2. Do not try to learn all on your own. Some people think they can learn a skill by reading a couple of books on the subject or watching some videos related to it. This is a wrong approach. The books, videos and articles can be helpful for people who already have a little bit of fishing experience and want to further increase their knowledge and skills. But these books or videos will not be much helpful for complete beginners. In fact, this approach will make your learning harder. If you know someone who has been fishing from many years, ask for their help and guidance. Go fishing with them a few times. You can learn much more quickly when you have a master than you can on your own.
3. If you are really serious about fishing then I suggest you to start a fishing journal where you record your progress. You can note down any new lessons, tips or techniques that you learn; any interesting experiences you have; mistakes made by you and what you learned from them etc. When writing about any experience try to include as many details as you can, like the exact location where you fished, the weather conditions, the bait you used, how many fish you caught etc.
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